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Treed - honey Qi


- First 3D printed wireless charger

- 15W charging for iOS and Android

- Compatible with magsafe technology

- 1296 possible color combinations

- Live on Kickstarter in August 2022



What is treed honey charger?

Even if we try to be humble... it's a revolution!


First 3D printed wireless phone fast charger for your Apple or Android devices. This truly zero-waste technology let's us make a biodegradable and customisable charger.

With 6 color options for 4 different pieces you can pick one of 1296 combinations.

The production starts with you. We are ready

100% inhouse and tested


This Kickstarter is different. We already made the product, tested it out and are ready to enter the market. No mockups, no endless waiting. All we need is to know if you (yes you!) like it. Let us know by giving us your email.



Wait. Is this plastic?!

Yes... but no


This one is made of sugar. We use corn starch PLA. A material we use for 3D printing. Completely biodegradable and sustainable.

To push things even further, we used recycled one. Waste from previous prints and made into a new filament.

1296 color combinations


the choice is yours


you can fully customize your charger by picking from 6 colours for each of 4 parts. Create your unique design matching your personality and workspace.

We know how to deliver


First treed charger was succesfully backed in 2021

Sustainable charging is something we are fully dedicated to. Our first project treed charger - A wooden charger that plants trees was a success. Now is the time to introduce a new product to our portfolio.